The groundbreaking innovation of German monks with powdered beer

Introduction: Powdered Beer

Beer has a huge following worldwide, with millions of people toasting with it at celebrations or enjoying it with friends and family. While making beer is considered an art by many, no one expected that one day there would be a powdered beer like the one developed by German monks. Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle has developed a powdered beer, which allows users to add water and create a drink with the right foam and flavor that characterizes it.

The experts’ opinion on premium and normal beer

Experts argue that there are many factors that differentiate a premium beer from a normal one, and only experts know how to taste them correctly. But even if you have been drinking beer for a while, you likely know how to differentiate which ones you prefer and which ones you don’t. With the development of powdered beer, skeptics might arise, and many brewers might even raise their hands to their heads.

What is powdered beer?

The Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle firm, with the support of BMWi group and other partners, has launched a product that is a powdered beer. With this product, you can add water and create a drink from scratch, with the correct foam and with the flavor that characterizes beer.

Is powdered beer an alcoholic drink?

The most critical question that may arise in people’s minds is whether powdered beer is an alcoholic drink. The answer is no. As of now, the powders do not generate any alcohol. But the company is working on developing the product to generate alcohol in the future.

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Benefits of powdered beer

The brewery run by a monastery is quite enthusiastic about the launch of its product. The company has focused on emphasizing the benefits of manufacturing beer in powder form. The primary objective of producing powdered beer is to save resources and logistics that would help save profits.

In the words of Neuzelle’s main shareholder, Helmut Fritsche: “Billions of liters of water are transported to consumers around the world because beer is made up of up to 90% water. From an environmental point of view, we are already saving on transportation, but not yet on resource use and production costs.”

Testing of Powdered Beer

For now, testing of powdered beer will be carried out on a small scale in 2023 in African and Asian markets, where transportation costs are more than in Europe for the firm. If the results are positive, we could see powdered beer in multiple markets in the future.

In conclusion, the introduction of powdered beer by the Klosterbrauerei Neuzelle firm marks a significant development in the brewing industry. The objective of producing powdered beer is to save resources and logistics that would help save costs. The company has focused on producing a product that maintains the right foam and flavor that characterize beer, and if successful, powdered beer could be seen in markets worldwide.

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