The GTA Underground mod discontinued its development due to "hostilities" de Take 2

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GTA Underground has stopped its development. The well-known GTA: San Andreas mod had been around for six years, but it is no longer possible to download any files. The head of the project, dkluin, has published a statement on GTAForums, in which he has explained the reasons for this decision. According to his words, it has been the hostilities towards the community mud those that have ended up shelving the project. Developers they feared economic consequencesNot to mention the damage to your mental health.

“Hi everyone. Due to increasing hostility towards the community mud and the imminent danger to our mental and financial health, we sadly announce that we are officially halting the development of GTA: Underground, so we will remove all downloads shortly. We would like to thank the community for the immense support they have given us over the past few years, as well as our talented team at modding for their incredible work and dedication ”.

New game on the horizon?

However, the end of this project does not mean that the team is going to separate. In fact, they point to the possibility that they are working on their own video game. “Lots of team members, as well as other modders external, they have shown interest in which we play our own game. We cannot confirm or deny anything about this, but we will keep you posted. “

That something moves within the community mud GTA is no secret. Recently, it came to light that Take-Two Interactive had ordered the removal of several of the mods most popular based on Grand Theft Auto. Thus, GTA Underground, Liberty City, State of Liberty, GTA V on San Andras, Vice Cry, Liberty City Stories: PC Edition, Vice City Stories: PC Edition, among others, are no longer available.

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In 2019, the company that owns Rockstar Games modified its policies. It is specified that it is forbidden to “use or import other IPs” in the projects or to make “new games, history or maps”.

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