The H “Halo Infinite” plays: The campaign on Series X and PC

The H "Halo Infinite" plays: The campaign on Series X and PC

Development studio 343 Studios instead of Bungie, music producer Gareth Coker instead of Martin O’Donnell and Open World instead of linear missions: a lot has changed in the 20 years of Halo’s history. Whether the game is fun apart from the detached multiplayer mode, which was released in November, will be clarified in today’s issue of heisespiele.

The H-video journalist Michael Wieczorek launches on Xbox Series X and PC solo play and explore the qualities of Microsoft’s seventh shooter Halo, the sixth appearance of the Master Chief. Explores not only once again one of the name-giving Halo ring worlds (Zeta-Halo), but is also the fate of Cortana after. What exactly happened since the events of Halo 5, unravels itself only slowly. Major spoilers do not need to worry about viewing the end – we restrict ourselves to the start of the game and a technical comparison in the live image.

If permitted by the server, we take a look at the co-operative modes for the campaign. Everyone who wants to find out about the playful qualities, differences and our points of criticism in advance is in good hands with the Halo Infinite test.

The livestream will be on Youtube broadcast and starts at 8 p.m.. Those who prefer to watch Twitch can do this here.

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