The Halo: Infinite Battle Pass will be based on challenges, not experience

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Finally this week we have been able to know a lot of details about the star launch of this 2021 for Xbox One and Xbox Series, with permission of Forza Horizon 5, How is it Halo: Infinite. With a final release date, in which we will have both campaign and multiplayer available, we have now been able to know some details about your Battle Pass, a format already adopted by many online titles and that 343 Industries has endorsed in the same way.

The most important thing that is known recently is that we will not progress in the seasons, thanks to this Battle Pass, based on experience gained in the games, but thanks to challenges that we meet. That is, we will not get experience by completing each game according to our performance, but according to the different challenges that we have been able to meet. For example, the most popular game that uses this system is Fortnite.

Problems to solve until December

This has been assured by John Junyszek, Community Manager of 343 Industries, On twitter. He also stated that it will be “extremely difficult” to have daily challenges available from launch day, although “it is not impossible.”

Also, in a new blog post, designer Jerry Hook detailed that there have been numerous problems in the progress system during the technical preview, although he calls for calm ensuring that they will all be solved for its launch. Among these problems was the inability to complete challenges in games only against bots, or also the fact that some daily challenges were not renewed.

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“Using challenges, our goal is that you are always progressing through the Battle Pass by playing and winning games,” says Hook. “This will always allow you to progress each time you enter a Halo match.”

Halo: Infinite will be available on December 8 on Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC, and will be included in the catalog of Xbox Game Pass.

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