The Halo Infinite disc does not include the full game; a download is required

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The disco included in the physical version of Halo Infinite is incomplete. The 343 Industries video game, critically acclaimed by dozens of media outlets around the world, goes on sale this December 8 on Xbox consoles and Windows 10 PC; but the console edition disc does not contain all the necessary content to proceed with the installation. To this end, users have to download content and, consequently, connect to the Internet on a mandatory basis.

The Halo Infinite disc is not playable; requires an additional download

Unlike many other video games that go on sale today in physical format, whose version 1.0 is playable even though it is subject to updates and patches day one, in this case Halo Infinite brings a disc that cannot execute the title if we do not carry out the pertinent download. That is to say, it is a disc without the complete set.

John Linneman, member of Digital Foundry and Eurogamer, has raised his voice on the social network Twitter to express his disagreement with this fact, since the purchase of the video game in physical format does not allow the enjoyment of the game unless we submit it to the necessary downloads. There is no indication on the face that an additional download is required.

In this way, if in the distant future a player buys Halo Infinite and the servers no longer allow downloads of the content packages – many video games are currently discontinued – we will be talking about an unusable disk. When inserting the Halo Infinite disc into an Xbox One or Xbox Series X console, the warning is clear: the application is incomplete and requires a download to finish. Apparently affected players report that this is a day one patch that fixes some bugs, it is not a heavy download, so they do not understand why the disc does not allow the game to start.

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Second disks, tens of GB downloads, and other common practices

The Last of Us Part II or Final Fantasy VII Remake are two equally criticized cases, since their discs additionally require large downloads; they even come with two discs in the physical version to complete the installation. On Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, there are numerous titles that do not have all the content in the cartridge, thus forcing the user to make downloads that sometimes exceed 10 GB in weight.

Halo Infinite It is an excellent video game, as we concluded in our analysis after having completed the campaign and played its multiplayer for several dozen hours. The title arrives this December 8 to Xbox One, Xbox Series and Windows 10 PC.

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