The Handmaid’s Tale 5: is it possible for Fred to return?

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The Handmaid’s Tale ended its season 4 last week. A season that was not so at the height of its predecessors. It could be said that after the premiere of installment number 3, the quality and the common thread of the series lost a bit of sense. The adaptation of the homonymous novel by Margaret Atwood, began as a very original and cruel proposal that surprised viewers who did not know the book and that led them to learn more about the history of the Canadian writer.

The premise of The Handmaid’s Tale It is a direct criticism of the patriarchy and also of the capitalist system. In the first season, the series places us in a dystopian future, where the United States authorities have been overthrown by a fundamentalist group that imposes a tyranny ruled only by men and in which the vast majority of women must submit to the worst humiliations. to procreate ruthlessly and humiliatingly.

Among them is June Osbourne, a New York publisher who is separated from her husband and daughter, once the “commanders” come to power. June, masterfully played by Elisabeth Moss, becomes the standard bearer of the fight of all those women who want to regain their life and end Gilead.


Delivery number 4 places June in a sort of final play plagued with violence and in which she finally ends up with the person who had the most power in that autarky, Fred Waterford, who gives life Joseph Fiennes. Despite some narrative mistakes, Justice comes to The Handmaid’s Tale with the timely death of this character.

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¿Vuelve Fred a The Handmaid’s Tale 5?

The vile and cynical Wateford dies at the hands of June, after having attacked hundreds of women, including his wife Serena Joy, who in season 2 is able to cut off one of his fingers. Without a doubt, the most hated by fans of the original production of Hulu, which in Latin America can be seen in Paramount+, it gets what it deserves.

For the British actor, the fate of his character was expected and, in some way, necessary. “Bruce Miller (the creator of the series) as Margaret Atwood knew, that somewhere in the book it was alluded that a certain Fred Waterford would get what he deserved, but when and by whom he did not explicitly say so”, expressed in an interview with Deadline.

And regarding Fred’s death, he indicated: “It’s paradoxical, and I think June’s need for Justice and Revenge is fascinating. It’s something that we, as an audience, need. It is a certain catharsis because it is going to go free, but the paradox is that it becomes a product of what it wants to extinguish “.

However, Is it possible that Fred Waterford is returning to next season? Considering that he has been one of the wildest and most evil characters in the entire series, at least one flashback could have. So much so that his own Miller does not rule out the return of Fred, through a scene of this style, which is probably starring June remembering the person who most made his life impossible and miserable.

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When does The Handmaid’s Tale 5 premiere?

It is true that season 5 of The Handmaid’s Tale it is a fact. In fact, it was confirmed late last year ahead of the fourth installment. The previous seasons have come out a year apart, except for the fourth that was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic and took two years to return. As restrictions have started to ease around the world, even in the television industry, perhaps the next installment will arrive next year.

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