the hardest scene in Daniel Craig’s James Bond

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This week Daniel Craig’s latest film as James Bond will be released. Before release, director Cary Fukunaga explained how one of the most viral scenes of the shoot was made.

Casino Royale, in 2006, was Daniel Craig's debut as James Bond.


© IMDbCasino Royale, in 2006, was Daniel Craig’s debut as James Bond.

Cell phones became one more camera to add behind the scenes of each film. Neighbors who are lucky enough to have a movie shoot from Hollywood in its streets they can access first-hand material about the film and so it was with No Time To Die. The last movie of Daniel Craig What James Bond will (finally) premiere this week.

In what was supposed to be a 2019 release, which was postponed first due to business decisions and then due to the pandemic, some images of the shoot were leaked. One of the most popular came from Matera, Italy, where Daniel Craig made some stunts uploaded to his traditional Aston Martin. In an interview with THAT ONE, the director and screenwriter Cary Fukunaga He talked about what it was like to do them.

It is a scene in the cemetery that was filmed around the third quarter of 2019 in the Italian town in which the sequences of Themyscira from Wonder Woman. “The monochromatic color of Matera makes it look like a big cemetery”, he pointed Fukunaga, who remarked that it will be a crucial moment for the James Bond from Daniel Craig. It will be the fifth and last production for the actor of Knives Out in the saga.

“He was a professional and kind to all the people”, said Fukunaga upon Craig, while emphasizing that he prepared himself to the maximum, “In a short time” who were in Matera, to do the necessary stunts. Among these sequences, several skids appeared on his Aston Martin. “I remember in the morning, just before we went to the set, that I could hear him practicing those drifts on the other side of town, because those engines are so noisy.”recalled the director, who stressed that the entire sequence was made Daniel Craig.

When will Daniel Craig’s successor be defined?

After the premiere of No Time To Die, Daniel Craig will say goodbye forever to the role of James Bond, which has not yet defined a successor. In this sense, there are several candidates that sound, with names that go from Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy to others like Idris Elba |, Regé-Jean Page or, directly, they suggest the search for an actress to make history. The question is to know when it will be defined.

Between the James Bond from Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig Four years passed, so the next one could only be seen between 2023 (if the original launch date is taken) and 2025. Barbara Broccoli, producer of the franchise stressed that, at the moment they are not “Thinking about it at all”. In addition, he noted: “We want to Daniel have your celebration time, so next year we will start to think about the future “.

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