The harsh message of Maite Perroni amid the controversy with Andrés Tovar and Koko Stambuk

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Maite Perroni speaks for the first time of the scandal triggered by the actress Claudia Marín and the recent words of Koko.

The star of Dark desire make it clear that he has not had any role in the separation of the television producer Andrés Tovar and the actress Claudia Marín, against whom Maite has taken legal action for pointing her out as guilty of her divorce for an alleged infidelity.

In addition to this rumor, the RBD has also had to avoid the recent words of his former partner, Koko Stambuk, who on social networks hinted that Perroni had been unfaithful to him.

According to Guillermo Pous, Maite Perroni’s lawyer, the singer wants to clean her image legally.

“We are taking formal legal actions, through attorney Guillermo Pous, against Claudia Martín for defaming and spreading false information that undermines the image, reputation, prestige, honor, integrity and privacy of Maite Perroni,” the RBD office reported to People in spanish.

Likewise, the lawyer himself shared with Firsthand a few days ago:

“The actions are administrative and civil for the attack on the image, reputation, prestige and honor of Maite Perroni derived from the falsehood in the statements she made, giving her a qualification as ‘the third in discord’; which, is absolutely false and derogatory to the person and profession of Maite “.

For her part, the Loca interpreter has sent a message to those who have tried to defame her.

The details, in the video above.

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