The harsh statements of Alex Caniggia about Pampita

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The harsh statements of Alex Caniggia about Pampita

The former Masterchef Celebrity participant came out in defense of his sister and ended up offending Pampita.

Alex Caniggia is again in the middle of a controversy, after his abrupt departure from Masterchef Celebrity, this time for defending his sister in a rather offensive way.

Charlotte Caniggia participate in the competition reality show Dancing for a Dream, program in which Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain is a judge. The problem occurred during the show, when Pampita had to evaluate Charlotte’s performance as Amy Winehouse.

At that moment, Charlotte accused the model of having treated her badly, to which Ardohain replied: “I love it, and I slice it, we are two women of great character. I would love to tell you that this is not a kindergarten to tell you “How good!” This is a super TV show. I feel like we don’t treat anyone badly. “

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After that, Alex came out in defense of his sister and wrote a strong message in Twitter against Pampita.

“They told me that the maid argued with my sister. Poor mine, I see that the wound on her horns does not heal her. I recommend a good psychologist, if you want to be from Pampas. alluding to the separation of Pampita and Benjamín Vicuña after their affair with China Suárez.

“I have no need to share any moment, or any space with someone who refers to women like that, so I suppose I will not stay,” said Pampita when asked about the controversy.

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