The Harvard education of Gerard Piqué: A Spanish celebrity’s path to success

After the 2017 breakup of Shakira and Gerard Piqué due to infidelity, the song they produced with Bizarrap became a worldwide hit because of its sincere and critical lyrics. The song included a mention that the former Barcelona soccer player should exercise his brain as much as his muscles, which some people took as a subliminal way of saying that he wasn’t intelligent. However, this isn’t true in business or production terms.

In fact, Gerard Piqué is quite intelligent and has a sharp business sense. He didn’t finish his university studies in Europe, but he took a course at Harvard Business School in 2017 called “The business of entertainment, the media and sports”. The course provides education and new perspectives to executives and aspiring executives in these fields, and Piqué excelled in the class.

Professor Anita Elberse, who taught the class, stated that Piqué was smart enough to achieve his goal and had a sharp business sense. He was not the only famous person to take the course, as people like Pau Gasol, Chris Paul, Channing Tatum, and rapper LL Cool J have also been students.

According to Piqué’s father, he has an IQ of 140, which is the same score as Shakira. It’s not surprising that Piqué has been successful in organizing projects like “The Balloon World Cup” and the “Kings League”.

In conclusion, Gerard Piqué is not only successful on the soccer field, but he also has a keen business sense and intelligence that have helped him excel in his various ventures.

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