The head of the Central Bank of Russia gives advice to investors and explains what is “the most dangerous of all strategies”

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Elvira Nabiúlina, head of the Central Bank of Russia, has declared in an interview with the newspaper Komsomólskaya Pravda that “the most dangerous of all strategies” of investment is the one that focuses on speculative cryptocurrencies, strongly discouraging the use of these assets.

“The price is very volatile, losses can be huge“He explained. In this sense, he stressed that, although the regulator” never gives advice on what to invest in “, in this particular case, it can say that” in that, definitely, you shouldn’t.

Deposits, “one of the best conservative savings strategies”

Regarding the recommendations on how to combat the increase in prices, Nabiúlina pointed out that “deposits are one of the best conservative savings strategies”, enraged that “an increase in the rate will also result in an increase in deposit rates” .

Recalling that many have recently gone public in search of higher profitability, the director of the Russian regulator stressed that the risks are also greater. Therefore, he called on investors to study investment products carefully and to be critical of advertising, especially that which promises them high profitability without risks.

“Losing in the forex market is much easier than winning”

Risks also exist in the purchase strategies of any durable goods and real estate, since after the market overheats, prices “may fall”, while liquidity “is not guaranteed either,” Nabiúlina said.

Finally, the head of the Central Bank of Russia recommends save in the currency in which you plan to spendWell, even if a currency goes up or down for a long time, that does not guarantee what the rate will be when the money is needed. “Losing in the currency market is much easier than winning,” he concluded.

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