The Healthy Daily Diet of Georgina Rodríguez

By: Dan Cooper

Published on:

Georgina Rodríguez, the partner of Cristiano Ronaldo, has gained attention from the media since their relationship began. She took advantage of her popularity and released her own series called “I’m Georgina”. In the show, she reveals the most intimate details of her life. While she shares her life as a mother, influencer, businesswoman, and model, many are curious about her daily diet. If you’re one of those curious individuals, fear not, as we’ve outlined Georgina’s daily diet below.

Georgina follows a strict daily diet to maintain her stunning physique. In an interview with Women’s Health magazine, she revealed what she eats and when she eats it. For breakfast, she has a French omelette with orange juice and coffee with milk. After training, she snacks on a banana. For her midday snack, she sometimes indulges in canned cockles with lemon. Lastly, for lunch and dinner, she eats the same thing.

Georgina’s love for food is also showcased in her series. She is particularly fond of sausages, especially Iberian meats. She eats without fear and pleasure, and often showcases this love on her private jet. However, her favorite food, secallona, is something she cannot eat in Saudi Arabia due to the country’s strict regulations regarding food, including those derived from pork.

Despite her love for food, Georgina maintains her physique through proper diet and exercise. Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner continues to inspire many with her dedication towards a healthy lifestyle.

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