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Pati Chapoy: The Resignation Controversy

Aurora Valle’s exit from “Ventaneando” did not sit well with Pati Chapoy, as Valle had been with the program almost since its inception. However, things were not going well between them for a few months prior to her resignation. Chapoy had yelled at “Boris” in front of others for missing a course which had caused hurt and humiliation. After this incident, Valle said goodbye to Televisión Azteca and later made appearances on Televisa’s programs like “La Oreja” and “Intrusos”.

Chapoy has not had good relationships with other resigning drivers either, as Juan José ‘Pepillo’ Origel and Martha Figueroa had departed from the program on bad terms. Origel had recounted on several occasions how Pati prevented him from saying goodbye to the audience when they were about to go on air. Figueroa recently revealed that Chapoy had blocked her career after her resignation from the program.

Additionally, controversies had strained the friendship between Atala Sarmiento and Aurora Valle. After Aurora left “Ventaneando”, Atala also went to Televisa. The friendships had broken for a while until they sorted things out by discussing it and realizing both were victims of intrigues and rumors. They discovered that “divide and conquer” was terrible.

Despite all the controversies, Aurora Valle has fond memories of Chapoy and is grateful for everything she has done for her. Though they are not in touch or have any kind of relationship currently, Aurora has a high degree of importance for her in life.

In conclusion, people come and go in our lives, and sometimes their exits may not be pleasant. However, it is essential to sort things out, communicate, and understand miscommunications. We may not have the same relationship as before, but bitterness and negativity could hurt both parties.

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