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“The Heartbreaking Anguish of Camilo Blanes’ Mother Over Her Son’s Self-Destruction”

Mother of Camilo Blanes Expresses Concern About His Health

Camilo Blanes, the son of the late Spanish singer Camilo Sesto, has caused concern among his followers after posting photographs on social media showing his deteriorated appearance. Lourdes Ornelas, Blanes’ mother and a former partner of Camilo Sesto, has expressed her worries about her son’s health in a recent interview with the Spanish program Fiesta.

“It’s not good, it’s obvious, but I had never reached this degree of self-destruction. This, in Mexico, would never have happened because the laws are otherwise,” Ornelas said during the broadcast.

Blanes’ images caused a divided reaction from his followers, with some expressing understanding and support, and others criticizing him. Ornelas has spoken out about the difficulties of dealing with addiction and expressed frustration with those who judge her son without understanding what is behind his struggles.

“He is a good person who has gone through a lot,” Ornelas stated. “Although Camilo Blanes, 39, has gone through very tough moments, Lourdes stressed that he had never been as serious as now. “I can’t say anything. He would never do something like that when he was well. When he is well, he is a coherent person. There is no one trustworthy. Except me and his girlfriend Maria. I can’t do anything because he is an adult. The law does not accompany me if they do not disqualify him, “he declared.

Ornelas also stressed that if Blanes lived in Mexico, he would have access to different laws and support systems that could help him. “He sang, ate, he was clean. This was following the death of his father. Is not easy. He knows a lot about laws and he knows that here in Spain I can’t do anything,” she concluded.

It is clear that addiction is a difficult and complex issue, and the support and understanding of loved ones can be crucial for those struggling with it. It is important to remember that behind every struggle there is a human being who deserves compassion and empathy, regardless of their public image or status.

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