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The Heartbreaking Reality of Jeremy Allen White

The Heartbreaking Reality of Jeremy Allen White

Jeremy Allen White was thrust into the world of professional wrestling while preparing for his role in the 2023 film, “The Iron Claw.” White faced an entirely new set of challenges as he immersed himself in this role, which told the true story of the renowned Von Erich brothers – Kevin, Mike, Chris, David, and Kerry – who skyrocketed to fame in the ’80s as professional wrestlers. The biographical drama not only depicted their rise to stardom but also documented the tragic, untimely deaths of the brothers.

“I do feel like it was some sort of trauma bonding that happened,” White explained to People, regarding the experience of filming alongside Zac Efron, Harris Dickinson, and Stanley Simon. “We were all insecure and nervous about learning this new thing. And we were comfortable letting each other know how overwhelmed we were at the beginning.” Over time, grappling with this new skill set served as an ice-breaker between White and his co-stars. “The wrestling brought us close quite quickly because you’re forced to engage in very trust-based stuff,” Dickinson told the publication.

Ultimately, White’s dedication to mastering this niche craft, along with the performance of the rest of the cast, proved to be convincing and well-received. “The Iron Claw” gathered exceptional reviews following its release, securing a spot in the year’s Top 10 Films as determined by the National Board of Review. Unfortunately, despite the praise, the film missed out on an Oscar nod due to its premiere falling right at the end of the eligibility window.

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Source: People