“The Heartbreaking Story of Natalia Lafourcade’s Last Song: A Tribute to her Tragic Loss”

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Natalia Lafourcade’s Tribute to Her Late Nephew

Natalia Lafourcade, a renowned Mexican singer, lost her nephew in a tragic accident on a mountain. Her family was in disarray as they struggled to come to terms with the loss of Nicólas. Despite this, Lafourcade felt compelled to write a song in memory of her nephew. The song, “Que Te Va Bonito, Nicolás,” is an emotional tribute to the young man who loved nature and the mountains.

Lafourcade explained in an interview on the podcast ‘La Cueva de Álvaro’ by Álvaro Cueva, that this song was more of a dictation, a divine message to her family. The song is a reminder to cherish and celebrate life in the present moment, appreciating the moments and memories with the ones we love.

“Que Te Va Bonito, Nicolás” speaks of the natural beauty of the earth, from the chirping of birds to the hummingbirds that surrounded her nephew’s body when his family found him. It is a poignant reminder of how finite life is, urging us to value the time we have on earth.

The song is part of her recent album, “De Todas Las Flores,” which reflects on a moment in her life. The album and a book with the same name were released in April 2023. The book is a collection of her work, a songbook, pocket book, and diary, sharing her creative process and journey.

Natalia Lafourcade’s tribute to her nephew is a beautiful reminder to hold our loved ones close, cherish the present moment, and celebrate their lives, even when they are no longer with us.

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