The heaviest rains in 1,000 years: heavy floods wash away people and ‘swallow’ cars in China (VIDEOS)

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Las lluvias más intensas en 1.000 años: fuertes inundaciones arrastran a personas y 'se tragan' coches en China (VIDEOS)

Large parts of central China’s Henan province were under water on Wednesday in what meteorological experts called the heaviest rainfall in 1,000 years.

According to the latest data, the death toll has risen to 25, while seven people are missing due to severe flooding. A total of 1.24 million were affected by the torrential rains and 160,000 were evacuated, collect local media.

In particular, 12 people were killed and five injured in a flooded subway line in Zhengzhou, the capital and the worst affected area of ​​the province.

The streets of that and other cities have become torrents, that drag people and vehicles. In some parts of the city power was cut off, as well as trains were suspended, roads were closed and flights were delayed.

Images circulating on the networks show local residents grouping together and struggling to keep their balance, cars floating in the water and subway cars flooded, among other consequences of the natural disaster.

Chinese President Xi Jinping rated of “very serious” floods in Zhengzhou and other cities in the province, where the flow in some rivers exceeds alarm levels and the dams of some reservoirs have been damaged.

Xi emphasized that The authorities of all levels always must put the protection of people’s lives and property first and take the initiative in flood prevention measures.

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