The heir to the historic Los Monteros hotel in Marbella denies that it is seized and is looking for a buyer

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One of the heirs of the historical hotel Los Monteros from Marbella, Jean-Medhi Azuelos, son of Judas Azuelos, who died in July of this year and owner of the property since 2010, responds to the accusations made by a creditor of the family in this newspaper by assuring that “the Hotel Los Monteros has never been subject to seizure.” As this newspaper has published, French society Jenny Partners France Holding (JPDH) claims Azuelos a debt of eight million euros since 2010, when he sold him his share in the Hotel Ambassador of Switzerland and – he assures – has not paid him yet.

According to the French company, the hotel is seized by those eight million euros of debt and denounces that the sale of the property being carried out by the heirs of Judas Azuelos is being done in an opaque way to the Spanish treasury.

Jean-Medhi Azuelos clarifies: «The hotel is indeed for sale, which is a well-known fact in the market. The sale is not made secretly, but in a conspicuous way, complying of course with all the usual confidentiality guidelines. The sale will be subject to the applicable tax regime. “

Regarding the accusation by the French company of tax evasion to hide the property of the hotel, the heir of the famous Moroccan businessman points out: “The accusation of tax evasion is not justified in any way. It is due to a hasty confusion between the selling price of the shares of the owner company and the (theoretical) market value of the Hotel. Ignoring the debts of the company when wanting to comment on an asset restructuring operation is a big mistake.

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And he adds: «The transfer of shares mentioned in said articles was carried out between companies of the same group with all the necessary audits and legal publications. It would be absurd to imagine that such a transfer had been carried out in 2014 to avoid submitting to a sentence handed down in 2018. The French society denounces that this transfer of shares was made to avoid the payment of the debt, leaving the patriarch of the family without property.

“Unfounded attacks”

Azuelos also wants to emphasize that “the attacks launched against the Azuelos family and also against the managing director of the company that owns the Hotel Los Monteros are totally unfounded. Mr. Bernard Levy-Provencal -manager of the Marbella hotel and whom French society will also denounce in criminal proceedings- is a great professional in the international hotel sector with an irreproachable career over the last 40 years ».

“Finally, we want to emphasize that this sale will allow all the group’s debts to be settled, which would a priori be in favor of our detractors.”

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