The Hidden Significance of ‘14313’ on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp: The Power of Hidden Codes

WhatsApp reigns as one of the most widely used chat applications. People no longer prefer to use classic text messages or calls, but instead, they communicate through the app. To ensure that no one suspects what they mean, a series of codes have been created, such as “14313.”

Several couples have started using “14313” in their WhatsApp conversations to hide something. So if someone has sent it to you, let us solve the mystery for you. Here’s how to get out of the confusion surrounding the app.

What Does the Number “14313” Mean in WhatsApp?

Like many other numbers, “14313” has a special meaning in WhatsApp. Its origin became too popular on TikTok, and it has been around for months. Some teenagers have created a list of codes that are sometimes confusing to those of us over 30. This is how “1437” was born, where 1 means “I”, 4 means “Love,” and 3 is “You.” The 7 refers to “Forever.”

In the case of “14313,” it means “I love you a lot.” Specifically, the “1” in “14313” means “I,” “4” stands for “Love,” “3” is “You,” “1” represents “A,” and finally, the “3” is “Lot.” In Spanish, it roughly translates to “I love you too much.”

You can use this code in a variety of situations, such as “I need to have you close 14313,” or “Have a nice day 14313.”


As WhatsApp continues to update, new tricks and tools are frequently added to enhance user experience. The app is not just a tool for sending texts, stickers, or multimedia content but also a platform for hidden codes to communicate with friends and family.

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