“The Hidden World of Sabrina” and “Riverdale” could have a crossover now more than ever

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Since “The Hidden World of Sabrina” culminated at the end of December 31, 2020, since the series was canceled by Netflix itself in July of that year, fans have lost hope of a crossover with “Riverdale”, both being products based on Archie Comics and from the same creator, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

However, it was recently confirmed that Adeline Rudolph would play a character in “Riverdale.” She is fondly remembered by fans for her role as Agatha throughout the Sabrina series. Although she did not play the same role, she became Minerva Marble, although there should be something else behind all this.

Although they were never officially reunited, both series made some references to each other during their air time. When “Riverdale” was released in 2017 and a year later “Sabrina’s Hidden World” arrived on Netflix, a crossover was always expected, which would supposedly arrive for the fifth season of the latter.

After its cancellation, director Aguirre-Sacasa has had to reveal to fans some of his canceled plans for the official combination of both series. However, he has not yet revealed everything, as the expected crossover could be closer than ever, not only considering the entry of Adeline Rudolph.


In July 2020, Aguirre-Sacasa revealed that she had been looking forward to a crossover titled “The Witch War.” At the time, it looked like the event would be contained within the pages of a comic. However, in new comments, Aguirre-Sacasa expresses a new confidence in the probability of an on-screen crossover.

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Talking with , the showrunner offered an encouraging update for fans hoping to see a crossover between the two shows. Despite the fact that Sabrina’s series ended its run with season 4, Aguirre-Sacasa noted that she is still having conversations about how to connect the Netflix series with “Riverdale”:

“I’ll tell you we’ve had a lot of conversations about how to find a way to bring characters from ‘Katy Keene’ to ‘Riverdale’ and from Sabrina to ‘Riverdale’, so it’s more possible now than ever, let me say that,” commented the Acclaimed director, he also mentions “Katy Keene” in his comments.

Chance Perdomo y Kiernan Shipka en “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” (Foto: Netflix)

Although the spin-off was canceled by The CW after just one season, it has continued in some form on the original show. At the beginning of season 5 of “Riverdale,” KO Kelly makes a prominent appearance. Sabrina could ultimately share the same fate, mostly because she wouldn’t have to worry too much about maintaining the continuity of her own universe.

Kiernan Shipka, who played the title character in Sabrina, has also advocated for a full-blown crossover. In the past, the actress has pointed out that the protagonists of “Riverdale” could benefit from having a witch presence around. Aguirre-Sacasa pauses notably when it comes to confirming any concrete plan, but his optimism is welcome.

The characters of "Riverdale" could still integrate other enemies and allies of "The hidden world of Sabrina" (Photo: The CW)

As for how “Riverdale” could elude Sabrina’s disappointing ending, the show has frequently played with dream sequences and curious concepts for some episodes, so characters from “Sabrina’s Hidden World” could make appearances without interrupting. the stories that have already been established.

If anything, putting the two series together could probably address some of the audience’s complaints regarding the divisive ending. It would also offer “Riverdale” an additional opportunity to accompany the jump in time, introducing new allies and antagonists from the series already mentioned above.

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Whether and when a crossover will occur remains to be seen, but it’s certainly a relief to fans who have waited years for this crossover that the creator of these series is optimistic about this event. For now, it only remains to wait for the series to advance into its fifth season and demonstrate the veracity of Aguirre-Sacasa’s words.

A crossover between "The Hidden World of Sabrina" and "Riverdale" seems imminent (Photo: Netflix) .

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