The Historical Highlights The Crown 5 Will Take – Are You Planning To Modify Them?

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The fifth season of The Crown it is a fact. Despite the ups and downs and the difficulties in finding some characters, the different photos that were leaked already confirm that the filming began. And, despite the wishes of royalty, this time Peter Morgan will be in charge of capturing the lowest years of the Windsors.

Since it was released, The Crown it has always followed a chronological order to tell the story of Elizabeth II and her family. That is why, for this new edition, the foundations of Buckingham Palace will shake in the worst way since they will see on the small screen the period that governed from the 90s to the 2000s.

The fourth part of the series, released in 2020, included the beginning of the story of Lady Diana, who was played by Emma Corrin. But now, the production will elaborate even more on the life of the well-known princess of the town, although, without leaving aside the controversies of the other members of the monarchy.

The historical facts that The Crown plans to take:


On November 23, 1992, Queen Elizabeth II called that year a “dose horribilis”For your story. In the course of a banquet offered in her honor in London, the sovereign declared that, that year, which should only be marked by the anniversary of her coronation, will no longer be one that she will remember with joy.

It is that, despite the happiness for a new anniversary of her arrival to the throne, there were other emotions that completely overshadowed her. Princess Anne finalized her divorce with Mark Phillips, Prince Andrew, Duke of York separated from Sarah Ferguson and, as if this were not enough, the emotional problems between Diana and Prince Charles made world news.

Elizabeth II declared 1992 as an “annus horribilis”. Photo: (Getty)

In addition, the fall in popularity of the aristocrats increased when, on November 20, just a few days before those statements, Windsor Castle burned down. According to the story, it was at 11:35 a.m. local time when the Palace alarms sounded announcing the start of the flames, which made Prince Andrew, the only one present at that time, have to be evacuated.

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I can assure you that what I saw in there, while we were taking things out, was a pretty ugly mess”, The Duke of York declared. But despite the sadness It was the fact that they received a blank check from the Government to restore it that put it into question as this was a donation of millions of pounds.


This year will be one of the most difficult for The Crown. It is that, it is known as “the year of revenge interview”Since that was when Lady Di confessed to the BBC that she was inside “a marriage of three. It was in front of Martín Bashir, a journalist who went down in history for all the confessions he got from the princess.

Diana from Wales during her interview.  Photo: (BBC)

Diana from Wales during her interview. Photo: (BBC)

However, just a few weeks ago, Prince William expressly requested that this interview, after being secured “through deceptionNot be broadcast on television again. That is why, the production of the strip, will have to define which way to go.


After four years living in separate residences and after a “revenge interview”, finally se finalized the divorce between Lady Diana and Prince Charles. This decision came after Queen Elizabeth II herself was the one who, in 1995, recommended her son and ex-wife to legally separate.

Lady Di and Prince Charles managed to divorce.  Photo: (Vanity Fair)

Lady Di and Prince Charles managed to divorce. Photo: (Vanity Fair)

So much so that, in order to put an end to tabloid speculation and scandalous public disclosures, the Princes of Wales made the determination that led to Diana being stripped of her titles. Of course, it should be noted that, being the mother of the children of the heir to the throne, Diana continued to be present in royal residences.

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It is the open and unfinished wound of the entire Royal family. On August 31, 1997, news shocked the world: Lady Di passed away at the Hospital de la Pitié-Salpetriere in Paris. after a car accident while escaping from the paparazzi.

Princes William and Harry at their mother's farewell.  Photo: (Getty)

Princes William and Harry at their mother’s farewell. Photo: (Getty)

After the news, many things were said about it and, one of them has as its protagonist Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. This is because, according to some sayings, it was he who orchestrated his murder because of all the things he said about his son and his family. However, there are other people who believe that it was nothing more than an unfortunate accident.


It is the fateful after. By this year, Lady Di’s children were no more than 18 (William) and 16 (Harry), two young men who were going through their third year without their mother. As for the firstborn, William, his college career was about to begin as was his relationship with Kate Middleton, while Harry had yet to finish high school.

The last tribute of the Princes to Lady Di.  Photo: (Getty)

The last tribute of the Princes to Lady Di. Photo: (Getty)

Now the real question is whether The Crown He will take care of telling the historical facts in such a tragic way or he will modify them by making a fiction of them. Because, as they have stated many times, sometimes the series “it is only based on reality”.


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