“The Hollywood Academy’s Revision: A Modified Approach to Selecting the Best Film at the Oscars 2024”

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Los Angeles (USA), Jun 21 (EFE) –

The Hollywood Academy announced this Wednesday a new requirement for those productions that decide to apply in the category of best film for the 97th edition of the Oscars, scheduled for on March 10, 2024.

Until today, it was enough for the contending films to have had a broadcast circuit that was limited to one week of exhibition in one of the six main cities in the United States, according to their directors in a statement.

New Requirements for Oscars

From now on, the films must have been screened for another 7 days, consecutive or not, in 10 of the 50 most important cities in the United States, a maximum of 45 days after the initial premiere. Likewise, screening outside the US will compute how to do it in two of these markets. This extension of the exhibition period in theaters, which does not affect other sections of the competition, must have been completed by January 24, 2024 at the latest.

Increasing Visibility

“We hope that this modification will increase the visibility of the films around the world and encourage the public to experience our art in cinemas”, said the executive director of the Academy, Bill Kramer, and its president, Janet Yang, after this approved decision by the 54 members of the board of governors.

Through this change, the Academy tries to counteract the specific weight of “streaming” platforms such as Netflix, Amazon or Apple, which are working in many cases as true showcases for competing films with scant screening in movie theaters and, on occasions, with notable lack of interest from the public.

However, the new criteria could harm smaller-budget independent films, which will now have to fight to find a place in a context in which the films themselves produced by the platforms will play with the advantage of being able to invest more in their distribution.

Likewise, the modification serves to try to silence the criticism that continues to surround the Hollywood Academy after, last year, the interpreter Andrea Riseborough was nominated in the category of best actress with “To Leslie”, an “indie” production that could not even have been presented according to the criteria of that season.

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