The Horrifying No Mercy in Mexico TikTok Trend

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms today, where you can post videos, share them with your friends, and have great fun. You can showcase your many talents on this app – from cooking to singing to makeup to making funny reels and whatnot. This social media platform will give you a good dose of entertainment amidst your busy work life.

Nowadays, TikTok has also become a hub of many trends. These trends could be anything – using different slang languages, dancing to a popular song, or imitating your favorite celebrities. However, some of these trends may be horrifying. One such trending topic that has spread on TikTok like wildfire is the No Mercy in Mexico.

No Mercy in Mexico has scared all the users. It is going viral everywhere on social media. It includes some gruesome and disturbing content material that we advise is not safe for watching.

Here is everything to know about this latest trend.

What is No Mercy in Mexico all About?

This trend features a disturbing video in which a father and son are being killed. To get deeper into the details, a Mexican cartel is seen attacking the father with knives while his son is crying and asking for help. Both are first tormented and then killed. One of the individuals punches a hole in the child’s heart and pulls his inside organs. There is no particular reason why the act has been committed.

The video is extremely disturbing. Some users state that they could not even watch it till the end. It is not the only video that shows such a barbaric instance. In another video with the same pattern, a girl is seen getting hit with an object.

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Where did the Video Come From?

The recording was first transferred on Twitter by an unidentified client. It was erased before long. It is suspected that other web-based entertainment clients may have downloaded and shared it across different virtual stages, including TikTok and Reddit.

Even the Redditors cannot stop talking about the gruesome act showcased in the video. According to them, such videos should not be there on the internet in the first place. Yet on the other side, many people are constantly sharing it with others to have a discussion. As of now, the video has been viewed more than 25 million times on TikTok alone.

Such Videos Shouldn’t be Shared

Such videos should be banned from social media. The users must not share them with others as it makes them uncomfortable and spreads a lot of negativity. Not only this, but these videos also deliver a dangerous message among the society.

Videos like these should be kept away from children as they may hurt their sentiments and negatively impact their brains. Participation in such inhuman acts shall be stopped at once.

The next time you open your TikTok or any other social media account and come across such videos, make sure to report them so that they are removed immediately.

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