The Ibex 35 extends the fall after opening pending inflation

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The Spanish stock market has extended the fall after the opening of the session and already leaves 0.78%, in a week that begins pending the inflation data in the euro area that will be known next Wednesday.

Minutes after the opening, the Spanish selective,IBEX 35It has gone from losing 0.41% to 0.78%, after leaving 64.60 points, and has stood at 8,352.00 points.

So far this year, the IBEX has lost 4.15%.

Like the Spanish market, the remaining Europeans also started the week with losses, so that Milan leaves 0.76%, London, 0.62%, Paris, 0.55% and Frankfurt, 0.46%.

For its part, theEuro Stoxx 50, the index on which the largest European capitalisation companies are listed, also fell 0.43%.

In this way, the European stock markets follow in the wake left by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which ended Monday’s session with a decrease of 0.42% of its main indicator, theNikkei, given the restrictions applied in China due to the rebound in COVID-19 infections, which have generated widespread protests and increased concern about a possible economic slowdown in the country.

For its part, Wall Street closed last Friday is in mixed territory and theDow Jones Industrial Average, its main indicator, rose 0.45% in a reduced session after Thanksgiving in the United States.

This week, the stock markets will be watching the consumption data in the US, key to knowing how far the contraction of GDP could go, as well as the preliminary inflation of November that is published in the euro area, Germany, France and Spain.

In the IBEX 35, the biggest drop is for Repsol (BME:REP), which leaves 3%, thus responding to the fall in oil prices.

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TheBrent, a reference in Europe, leaves 2.88% and the price of a barrel stands at 81.30 dollars, while theWest Texas Intermediate(WTI), a benchmark in the US, also fell 3% to $73.99 a barrel, before the official market opened.

After Repsol, the biggest falls are for Fluidra (BME:FLUI), with 2,79 %,Acerinox (BME:ACX), with 1.59%, Telefónica (BME:TEF), with 1.07% and ArcelorMittal (BME:MTS), with 1.06%.

At the opposite extreme, the biggest rise is for Rovi (BME:ROVI), with 1.02 %, Cellnex (BME:CLNX), with 0,24 %, ACS (BME:ACS), with 0.23% andIberdrola(BME:IBE), with 0.14%.

In the continuous market, Montebalito (BME:MTBA) is the value that loses the most 5.83%, followed by Realia (BME:RLIA), with 2.86% and Naturghouse, with 2.73%.

On the contrary, the largest increases of the continuum are for Amrest, with 4.71%, Bavaria, with 4.67%, Ezentis (BME:EZEN), with 5.10% and Bullion, with 2.53%.

Regarding the debt, the interest of the German ten-year bond, considered the safest, falls and stands at $ 1.925, while the Spanish also falls to 2.915%.

The price of thegoldIt rises slightly today 0.05% and the price of the ounce stands at $ 1,754.

The euro is trading today at $1.039.

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