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The iconic medical series that is all the rage on HBO Max

The iconic medical series that is all the rage on HBO Max


The platform features a historic medical drama that captured the attention of its subscribers. See what it is!

© HBO MaxIt’s not Grey’s Anatomy: the iconic medical series that is all the rage on HBO Max.

In recent decades, television series have positioned themselves as one of the most popular entertainment options in the world, but there is one genre in particular that attracts millions and that is that of medical dramas. We currently have Grey’s Anatomy as a great pillar of this category, and will continue to be so with the renewal for a 19 season, but there is a previous one that is currently all the rage on the streaming service HBO Max.

The public’s preference for this type of program has been around for a long time, since there was a specific title that led to more similar productions in the future. The Good Doctor Y New Amsterdam are two other current examples that have earned the clamor of fans, but experts say they owe everything to the show ER, Emergencies.

+ The medical series rage on HBO Max

According to the trends section of the platform HBO Max, nowadays one of the most popular fictions is ER, created by novelist and physician Michael Crichton. It aired through the NBC network between 1994 and 2009, with 15 seasons made up of 331 episodes in total and multiple awards for the production and its actors.

What is it about? This points to its official synopsis: “ER follows the professional and personal lives of the doctors and nurses in the emergency room of a fictional Cook County County General Hospital, Chicago, Illinois. It delves into the workings of an urban hospital and the serious problems faced by its staff In English, ER is the initials of Emergency Room, which can be translated into Spanish as emergency room “.

Produced by Amblin Entertainment, became a real phenomenon that led to it being distributed in different languages, since the success was assured. However, in its last installments it was going through its worst moment due to the low audience in the United States and it was decided that the fifteenth season would be the last. More than ten years passed and the fury of the early years remains intact on HBO Max.

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