The Ideal Birthday Gifts to Get For Your Girlfriend If You’ve Been Dating for Under a Year

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Buying gifts can be difficult under most circumstances, and it can be even more challenging when you are in a new relationship, and you don’t want to mess it up or make a gesture that could be considered too over the top, given that you haven’t been together for that long. 

It can be something of a minefield in any situation, but when you are still very much in the ‘honeymoon’ period, you need to be extra cautious. A small meaningless gift may feel like you undervalue the relationship, and something too large might scare her off. 

The use of the internet to root out a fine present provides you with a nearly endless supply of options, but sometimes you can pretty much drown in the possibilities and end up reaching for the first thing that attracts your attention. 

It’s essential, especially early in your relationship, to get her a gift that suits her tastes, needs, and desires, but you might also want to avoid any massive displays of affection for fear of them being out of touch with where your partnership is at this present time.

So with all this in mind, here are a few options to consider. 

Personalized Jewelry 

A great way to show a relatively new girlfriend how much they mean to you is by getting her a stylish piece of personalized jewelry. Now, we don’t necessarily advise having a piece with your name emblazoned on it (as that may be a little too much this early in the relationship), so instead, get her a piece that celebrates her.

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There are countless possibilities, from custom bracelets, name necklaces, or initialled items, all of which are sure to impress her. Personalized jewelry is very trendy right now, and getting her a gift of this type will show her you care and that you are also a dedicated follower of fashion.

Whisk Her Off On a Romantic Weekend Break

Have you been on a mini-break with your girlfriend yet? If not, and even if you have, taking her on such a break to celebrate her birthday is a great option to consider. Here, the element of surprise would help make an excellent present even more impressive.

So if your break takes you both overseas, then you’ll have to locate her passport (in order to make the trip as much of a surprise as possible). You should also check with her friends to make sure that nothing else has been planned for this date. In other words, if you plan a weekend mini-break, then you don’t want it interfering with a surprise party her family or friends may have arranged.

Pack her a small suitcase, or again ask her friends to help with this, and then arrange to meet somewhere seemingly random and then build-up to the moment she sees the airport or train station. 

There are many aspects to this present that work well. Firstly, who doesn’t enjoy a short break away to a swanky hotel? Secondly, by having her friends help with the subterfuge, you are also going to cover yourself with glory with them also, showing her friends just how romantic you can be will always work well in your favor. Thirdly, on her birthday, a present of this type will mean you are very much in her good books.

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In many ways, this type of present can’t be beaten. Remember though, this type of gift takes some planning, don’t try to just wing it.

Something Fun and Endearing

If your relationship is very fresh and perhaps only a few months old, then a birthday present should possibly be more reserved and fun. Here is where a nice experiential gift would be a super idea.

Think, for instance, of taking her on a skydive, or if she’s afraid of heights, or you are, a wine tasting trip for the day might be more your speed. The key here is to be creative and think of an experience that suits her personality and is, perhaps importantly, within your budget as these types of presents can end up being quite expensive.

These types of presents are the perfect combination of light and airy while also showing her that you haven’t forgotten her birthday and that you want her to do something new and exciting in order to mark the special day.

This type of gift is very good for those whose relationship is still very much in the early stages and is a present that works well on many levels.

Fancy Date Night

An excellent and straightforward but effective birthday present might just come in the form of a fun and romantic date night. The type of evening where you book a fancy restaurant, arrive at her door with flowers and a simple present, and you just enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed and informal setting.

Sometimes something as simple as a date night can be all that she needs, and again this works well for those who are new to each other. So, for instance, if you’ve only been dating for a few weeks and every option above in this list is too over the top, then try to just arrange a romantic evening for the two of you.

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Here it’s very much the thought that counts. It’s your chance to tell her that you remembered it’s her birthday and you wanted to take her out on the town. You can always top this off with a nice expensive piece of jewelry or a cute gift of some kind; that’s up to you. 

As with all the presents on this list, an essential element is factoring in her own tastes and interests as much as possible. Oh, and on top of that, you should aim to make her feel like the most special person in the whole wide world, and not just because it’s her birthday. 

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