The ideal novelty of Google Maps for Christmas: the notice of crowded area of ​​people

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With Black Friday to start days and Christmas in just a month, that time of year returns when the streets, shops and spaces get packed with people, especially when children are given vacations at school. But we are still in the middle of a pandemic, and the cold has arrived, with which the Covid-19 is added to the flu season.

A duet that together with relaxation and the lifting of restrictions can cause a perfect storm between now and January.

Google Maps: Street congestion warning

Therefore, and to contribute both to prevent the bloody pandemic from becoming eternal and to avoid the stress of those crowds and crowds, Google Maps has released an ideal tool: Area Busyness, a new feature you can use in Maps that combines live stream trends to help you spot instantly when a neighborhood or part of the city is close or more crowded.

Let’s say you don’t like crowds: Well you just have to open Google Maps to see the places you should avoid, like the area near a Christmas fair. Do you want more information? Click on a neighborhood to see its degree of occupancy at different times of the day, along with the restaurants, shops and entertainment venues (such as a museum) that are in it, so you can decide if you want to visit it.


Google Maps Area Busyness

And giving it another use, if you are traveling and want to know some of the most popular areas of the city, you can easily locate the liveliest neighborhoods.

The Area Busyness function has already begun to be available for the Google Maps Android and iOS apps, and if you don’t see it right now, be patient, because its release will be staggered and not simultaneously globally.


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