The IMF presses for the Government to present a proposal for an agreement agreed with the opposition

The IMF rejected the Argentine government's request to reduce the surcharge it pays to the multilateral organization

After the announcement made by the president Alberto Fernandez about sending a project multi-year economic plan to Congress, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Monday pressured the Government so that the proposal restructuring of the debt that it presents is agreed with the opposition.

This was confirmed by a spokesperson for the multilateral credit organization in response to an inquiry from TN: “It is important that this plan has a broad political and social support”Said the official.

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The Palacio de Hacienda seeks write down economic forecasts for several years, for him sustainable development. The project will contain estimates of reduction of the fiscal deficit, inflation, dollar and other macro variables.

Government projections point to set a rate of reduction of the fiscal deficit without “adjustment of”. The intention is to underpin growth.

What the IMF spokesperson said about the multi-year plan that Alberto Fernández wants

In contact with this medium, the IMF spokesperson confirmed that this organization will continue to “work to achieve a complete understanding screate a comprehensive plan that can address in a lasting way the most urgent economic and social challenges of Argentina, including high inflation, which disproportionately harms the most vulnerable ”.

“It is important that this plan has broad political and social support. Our objective continues to be to help Argentina and its people ”, he confirmed.

Alberto Fernández wants an agreement with the opposition before negotiating again with the IMF

At speech issued minutes after the first midterm election results, the President announced that the first week of December will send to Congress a project with the “multiannual economic program” that will contemplate the “best understandings ”with the IMF.

Alberto Fernandez He did not specify when the agreement will arrive, but the way in which it will be negotiated. And he set a date for sending the text to Parliament: the first days of December.

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According to the data published on the IMF website, in December Argentina will have to pay another capital installment for US$1874 millones.

At the core of the Palacio de Hacienda is to maintain the reserves while progressing in negotiations with the multilateral credit organization.

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