The importance of Big Data, AI and Machine Learning in the fintech environment

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The digital revolution has swept through the financial industry and society at large. Thus, since the expansion of the Internet, things are changing forever.

In this sense, every day fintech companies collect billions of data from the market and users. Data, data and more data, but: how are they processed? Are they used correctly? Do you get game from them?

To try to make the most of this enormous amount of data, fintech companies have long used technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create more efficient processes, better financial analyzes or adapt as much as possible to the client, among other things. issues.

Thus, with the aim of clarifying all doubts about these technologies and how to use them correctly, the Institute of Stock Market Studies (IEB) in collaboration with Liga de Bolsa has organized an event entitled this sense, Raúl Gómez Martínez, Professor of finance and entrepreneur, will chat with Joaquín Dávila , Training and Digital Development of IEB, on this topic next Thursday, June 24, starting at 7:00 p.m. at the IEB headquarters (Calle Alfonso XI, 6, Madrid).

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