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The important thing is that Fátima Molina is fine after the explosion

During the usual virtual meeting every Monday, they talked about SOZ: Soldiers or Zombies, new Prime Video MX series, which has been liked by team members. So it was proposed to request an interview with Fátima Molina, actress who stars in this production with the character of Lilia Acal Prado.

His Twitter account was used to find the contact of the agency that represents him and thus proceed with the request, But suddenly it was asked to abort that mission for a powerful reason: the explosion of a building on Avenida Coyoacán.

Information from different media, mainly a hedge of Grupo Fórmula, disclosed that among the victims was Fátima Molina, who resides in the property and was in his apartment at the time of the outbreak. The report indicated that the actress was in a state of shock by what happened.

Little by little the information flowed more, specifying that she was unharmed in her physical integrity, so there was respite among the members of the Editorial Office due to the impact of the news, both by the nature of it and by the fact of being a tweet away from requiring an interview with her at an inappropriate time for that.

The important is that Fatima Molina he is fine, as well as other residents and neighbors of the building who were also victims of the explosion. In this sense, the greatest concern is channeled towards those injured people who had to be transferred to hospitals to be treated, for which a speedy recovery is desired and that there are no serious consequences.

On behalf of Spoiler, we extend a loving and supportive hug to all the victims.


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