The Impossible- Movie Plot, Cast And Production

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The Impossible

J. A. Bayona and Sergio G. Sánchez’s catastrophe drama film “The Impossible” became available in 2012 in English and is based on Maria Belón’s and her family’s experience in the tsunami that hit hard in the Indian Ocean in 2004. The multinational cast includes Tom Holland, who is making his film debut, Naomi Watts, and Ewan McGregor.

Critics praised the film’s direction and acting, especially that of Naomi Watts, who was nominated for three awards: the Screen Actors Guild Award for Stellar Performance by a Female Actor in a Lead Actor, the Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama, and the Academy Award for Best Actress.


Dr Maria Bennett, her partner Henry, and their three boys, Lucas, Simon, and Thomas, travel to Khao Lak, Thailand, for a Christmas vacation in 2004. After arriving on Christmas Eve, they settle down and enjoy the brand-new Orchid Beach Resort. On December 26, two days later, a sizable tsunami from the Indian Ocean flooded the region.

After emerging from the turbulent water, Lucas and Maria ultimately locate each other; Maria has suffered significant injuries to her chest and leg. Locals quickly discover them, clothe them, and transport them to a medical facility in the town of Takua, Pa, after they rescue a toddler named Daniel from the rubble. On the trip, Daniel gets cut off from the group.

When she undergoes surgery for her chest injuries, Maria urges Lucas to assist others in finding their family members at the hospital.

Henry, the two younger sons, and themselves have all survived and are still together. Simon and Thomas are left with another family by Henry. Henry remains behind to look through the debris for Maria and Lucas.

There aren’t many options for communication, but a visitor from Europe called Karl—who is also surviving away from his family—lends Henry his cell phone so that he may get in touch with his family in England. Henry assures Maria’s father that he will search tirelessly and successfully for his family. Karl offers to go with Henry to the beach to hunt for Maria, Lucas, and his family, who were there when the tsunami struck.

Maria’s medical records are confused with those of Muriel Barnes, a patient who died while she was having surgery. After finding his mother’s bed vacant upon his return, Lucas went to a tent where abandoned children were kept secure. After Lucas cannot identify any of the deceased woman’s jewels, the error comes into play. He then reconnected with his mom, who got a bed in a separate room present in the intensive care unit.

Maria remembered how she became hurt and surfaced in the water as the anaesthetic sent her to sleep. Lucas informs Henry that he knows something urgent to tell Maria during anaesthesia.

The family travels to Singapore the following day on an ambulance jet so that Maria can receive more medical care. They guaranteed that a Zurich Insurance representative would care for everything while Lucas observed many individuals browsing patient lists outside the hospital. Lucas informs his mother that Daniel is secure with his father while they are in the air. When the jet flies off, Maria sobs while gazing out the window at the mayhem that is left behind.


Maria, a doctor and the mum of the Bennett family, was Naomi Watts.

Ewan McGregor plays Henry, the Bennett family’s father.

the 12-year-old son Lucas, played by Tom Holland

Son Thomas, who is seven and a half years old, is portrayed by Samuel Joslin.

the five-year-old kid, Simon, played by Oaklee Pendergast

As Simone, Marta Etura

Karl, played by Sönke Möhring, is a German man looking for his wife and daughter. He searches for their relatives with Henry.

The Elderly Lady, played by Geraldine Chaplin

Daniel, played by Johan Sundberg


To make a worldwide movie where nationalities were unimportant to the storyline, producer Juan Antonio Bayona chose to keep the nations of the critical characters private. 

In a water tank in Spain utilising miniatures turned into pieces by a large wave, the tsunami appeared to become available using computer effects and natural water surges captured in slow motion. Since he wanted the tale to be true to life, Bayona committed to using actual water rather than a pc wave which means that Watts and Holland had to spend five weeks recording strenuous sequences in a big water tank.

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