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The Impossible: the movie that changed Tom Holland’s life and led him to be Spider-Man

At age 19, Tom Holland became a superstar by donning the costume Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and today he is one of the most beloved actors in the franchise. What many do not know or do not remember is how did the producer approach him, so that Here we will tell you all about The Impossible, the film that led him to world recognition and later to play the superhero.

Directed by J. A. Bayona and written by Sergio G. Sánchez and María Belón, this 2012 film based on a true story was in different festivals around the world, where she was applauded in each of them, and later was nominated for several important awards within the industry, where the 14 nominations for the Goya stand out, of which he won five.

What is it about? This is his synopsis: “Maria, Henry and their three young children fly from Japan to Thailand to spend the Christmas holidays on the beach. The morning after Christmas, while they bathe in the pool, a colossal tsunami devastates the hotel and much of the coast of the Southeast Asia. The family will have to fight to survive and reunite “.

As we mentioned, this tape is based on a true event. In 2004 the couple María Belón and Enrique Álvarez went to Thailand to spend the Christmas holidays with their three children Lucas, Simón and Tomás. On December 26 of that year There was a tsunami that left more than 200 thousand dead in Southeast Asia, so the water separated them and they had to fight to survive.

In addition to the young actor, the film was starred by Naomi Watts, who had an Oscar nomination, and Ewan McGregor. Tom was 16 years old and captivated both critics and viewers for his role as Lucas. It’s a role earned him multiple accolades such as the Hollywood Spotlight Award and the Newcomer Actor award from the National Board of Review, in addition to nominations for Critics’ Choice and the Goya.

At that moment Marvel Studios I was passing the end of the Phase 2 which culminated with Avengers: Age of Ultron, so that they were already with the plans for what was coming, which was to be nothing more and nothing less than Captain America: Civil War. The production company had reached an agreement with Sony to use Spider-Man, and the plan was for it to be a teenage version. So, it was in 2015 that Holland signed the contract. and he was announced to be the great Peter Parker we know today.


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