The incredible transformations of a woman thanks to makeup that divide opinions on TikTok

Under the premise of “Power of makeup”, an account of TikTok handled by a woman became viral for showing his supposed changes of image using beauty products, but it has also unleashed great uncertainty among his followers who have been skeptical about it and believe that it is not the same person.

In his publications in the red social of Asian origin, the girl identified as Chloe Fountain, natural of Canada, is usually shown, in theory, without makeup, wearing skin with certain wrinkles, as if it were someone in their 40s or perhaps older. Immediately afterwards, she appears with makeup and a youthful appearance.

We speak of assumptions when describing their content in TikTok because there is no certainty that it is the same person and, if it were, it would be an almost impossible transformation using chemical beauty products. What’s more, his followers do not believe that this is 100% real and they make it known in their comments.

As if this were not enough and with the aim of increasing the morbidity among all those users who want to know the truth, Fountain herself has not wanted to reveal if it is the same person or not and she did not want to say how old she is in an interview that gave for the American newspaper .

What he has promised is that he will tell absolutely all the mystery when he reaches the million followers in TikTok. For now, your account accumulates more than 516 thousand people who are fans of its content.

“I like to cause controversy, that’s how I’ve gotten a following. When I get to a million followers, I’ll reveal if it’s really me or if I’m using my mom or something. “, indicated for the aforementioned newspaper.

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