The ingame texts of Elden Ring were not written by the author of Game of Thrones

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George RR Martin, the creator of A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones), has participated in the development of Elden Ring, the newest from FromSoftware and Bandai Namco. Although since the announcement it was known that the writer had worked in the production, it was unknown to what extent he had contributed his two cents. In an interview with IGN, Yasuhiro Kitao, from the studio, confirmed that the novelist and screenwriter has not taken over the texts that appear ingame, since it has been Hidetaka Miyazaki himself who has written all those sentences.

Martin’s role in Elden Ring has been rather one of architect of the world and context of history and its universe, but Miyazaki has had the responsibility of capturing lore in the game itself: “[Miyazaki] he is at the front, writing the text in the game ”. Kitao has also explained that the plot will be narrated in a similar way to other products from the developer: “In the From style, the plot is narrated in fragments, we have not changed our principles when it comes to providing a world and narrative that the player can interpret on their own ”, he said.

Multiple details about Elden Ring

Some media have had the opportunity to test the video game recently, in the heat of Gamescom 2021. How could it be otherwise, numerous data have come to light, as well as a new unpublished gameplay. It has been confirmed that the open stages will be very extensive, so there will be many secrets to discover. There will also be fast travel from anywhere, different endings, optional combat, and counterattack moves in battle. You can read all the information about it in this news.

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Elden Ring will go on sale next January 21st en PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X y PC.

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