The Instagram Algorithm in 2023: How to Boost Your Relevance

By: Dan Cooper

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Demystifying the Instagram Algorithm

The word “algorithm” is commonly used in the context of social media feeds and posts. Essentially, it is a code that collects user data to recommend posts that align with their interests. Recently, the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, provided insights on how the platform’s algorithm works.

The Role of Different Parameters in the Algorithm

Instagram has various parameters in the algorithm to determine which posts to showcase to each user. These parameters depend on two variants – where you see publications- feed or reels, and the interaction you make with the profile and the specific format.

Feed Algorithm

The feed is the central part of the platform and takes into account three factors- the likes you give, the publisher’s information, and interaction history. These factors determine which posts will be prioritized and which will stay lower in your feed.

Exploration Algorithm

The exploration section collects information from posts that have been seen, and it takes into account the characteristics of that communication, such as likes and comments.

Story Algorithm

The story algorithm considers the frequency of account publication, the relationship between the user and the author, and how much interaction the user has with the account.

Reels Algorithm

The Reels algorithm is different from the others and is more stringent for content creators. The relevance of the author and the content, the audio track used, and the activity level of the video determines whether it will be highly recommended or not.

What About Shadowban?

Although Mosseri did not provide information on the shadowban, the account status section display users the reasons for the lack of relevance for a particular publication. However, there are no confirmed reports that Instagram prohibits publications to prevent users from becoming influencers.

Understanding how the Instagram algorithm works will help content creators and users to make the most out of the platform.

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