The international press reports Ayuso’s triumph: The queen of liberated Madrid has won

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The impressive electoral triumph of Isabel Diaz Ayuso in the Community of Madrid it has crossed borders. The main international media collect on their covers the results of the Madrid elections in which the Popular Party swept away, the PSOE failure, Citizens disappeared and Pablo Iglesias he was expelled from politics.

‘Corriere della Sera’

The Italian newspaper dedicates an article to analyze the «political earthquake in Spain». Under the title “Isabel Díaz Ayuso wins elections in Madrid and Pablo Iglesias abandons politics”, the Corriere della Sera analyzes what happened in Madrid. They point out that “the queen of liberated Madrid has won” and calls Iglesias’ flight a “step back from the heir of the indignant.”

‘The Guardian’

The British media emphasizes that “The Popular Party wins the early elections in Madrid, but does not get a majority”. In this way, they remember that the absolute majority in Madrid is 69 seats and Isabel Diaz Ayuso he has obtained 65 so he will need the abstention or the support of Vox. The Guardian it also highlights that the elections have been “dominated by the coronavirus pandemic and marked by a bitter and deeply polarized campaign.”


“Isabel Díaz Ayuso defeats the left in bitter Spanish elections”. This is how he collects the BBC the 4M of Madrid. The British media corporation highlights the tense electoral campaign and the resounding failure of the left: “The conservative leader of the Community of Madrid in Spain has obtained a resounding victory after a fierce electoral battle,” he says.

The BBC also remember that the PP does not reach an absolute majority and that it will need to ally with Vox. In addition, they collect some of the milestones that have made Ayuso rampage in the community: “He challenged the central government led by the socialists by keeping the bars and shops of Madrid open during the pandemic.”

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‘The Telegraph’

The British Conservative newspaper links the triumph of Ayuso with its policies against the coronavirus: “The anti-blockade leader of Madrid wins re-election after keeping the city open despite the Covid”. He believes that the people of Madrid have rewarded his management in the face of the pandemic and emphasize that the popular she is a “lover of freedom.”

‘The world’

The French newspaper dedicates several articles to the electoral triumph of Ayuso. In one he highlights that «the right and his ascending figure Isabel Díaz Ayuso triumph in the regionals of Madrid “while in another than” Isabel Díaz Ayuso wake up to the Spanish right and destabilizes the left. In their coverage, they speak of an “overwhelming victory” of the popular for the “libertarian positions” both in the economic and health management of the pandemic and in facing “the dictatorship of radical feminism.”

‘Le Figaro’

Another of the main French media highlights the triumph of Ayuso: “Triumph of the right in the regionals of Madrid”. Le Figaro devotes an extensive chronicle to analyzing the Madrid elections and points out that the results are “a severe setback for Sánchez, who personally participated in the campaign.” He also dedicates a reflection to the “end of a chapter of Spanish politics” with the departure of Pablo Iglesias.

‘The mirror’

“Conservatives triumph in Madrid.” The prominent German newspaper also links the pandemic with the triumph of the PP. The mirror assures that “in the early elections, voters thanked the conservative regional president Isabel Díaz Ayuso for managing the pandemic.” “But it is probably not enough for a single Popular Party government,” he adds.

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‘Financial Times’

«The leader of Madrid achieves a impressive victory for the right andn the regional elections ”. The Financial Times highlights that Ayuso has doubled “his vote, inflicting a humiliating defeat on the country’s ruling socialists and causing the resignation of the leader of the radical left-wing Podemos party.” «The result is a personal triumph for Isabel Diaz Ayuso, the head of the PP of the Community of Madrid who called the elections, although she will have to have the support of the far-right party Vox, “he said.

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