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The interview where Yolanda Saldívar said why she killed Selena

The premiere of the biographical series on Selena quintanilla On Netflix the great work of the singer resurfaced and also recalled her tragic death in March 1995. Although Justice was served and her murderer Yolanda Saldívar is in jail, the death still raises many questions. That is why in the last hours an interview went viral where the inmate confessed the reason that led her to kill the singer.

The criminal is currently 60 years old and has been in jail since she committed the crime. She was sentenced to life in prison at the Mountain View Unit for Women in Gatesville. She will be able to be a candidate for parole on November 30, 2025. Since she is in prison, she gave several interviews where she tried to explain what happened that night.

A note he made with María Celeste became famous after the launch of the series because it was when Saldívar broke the silence. On that occasion, she was seen stunned, she referred to Selena as her “she” and tried to explain that his death it happened by accident in the middle of an argument over a secret they kept between her and the artist.

“In the first place, I did not draw the gun. We had an argument and I told her go away. She was crying deeply telling me that she loved me very much and that I could not do that to leave her like this. So I told her: I will never reveal the secret”said the woman who was the administrator of the fan club.

Why did Yolanda Saldívar kill Selena Quintanilla?

According to his words, he wanted to commit suicide because of the discussion with the singer and that became the indicente that caused the tragedy. “The gun was on top of the bed, I grabbed the gun and told her: I won’t leave you for anyone else. I put the gun to my temple and I said: I want you to go, my daughter, go away. At that moment, the door was open. She was going to the door and she said to me: Mom, let’s close the door, let’s talk. Where she was going to the door I said: don’t close the door. Where did I tell her that? , I missed the shot “revealed.

The version was not believed by the authorities, who rearmed the facts in a very different way. For the court, the murderer robbed Selena and when she was about to fire her because she realized it, Saldívar misled her to the Days Inn Hotel in Corpus Christi and committed the crime.

The singer’s secret was later revealed by the inmate, although it was not proven in the case. According to his words, the interpreter of Como la Flor had suffered an abortion and did not want the event to transcend.


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