The Intriguing Tale of Donovan Lamb: From Stock Market Prodigy to Media Sensation

By: Will Wood

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Donovan Lamb

The narration of Donovan Lamb’s story is incomplete without elaborating on the significant role Vivian Kent played; Vivian, as an antagonist in Donovan’s blunders and fraud, was unveiled in front of the media and made him the subject of headlines overnight.

Donovan Lamb is the man who crashed into the media with his returns in the stock market, and how Donovan defends himself and frames Vivian Kent will be the article’s central theme.

Likewise, we will check on Netflix’s adaptation of the series with the name “Inventing Anna” based on Anna Sorokin, but who is she? All these curiosities and conspiracies will come to an end in this article. 

Who Is Donovan Lamb? 

Donovan Lamb

Donovan Lamb is a kid in his teens who, instead of showing interest in playing fields, has a toxic obsession with the share market and stocks. Donovan was a seventeen-year-old High school kid who made headlines under fraudulent trading. 

But Donovan Lamb is not the actual name; Mohammed Islam is the identity behind Donovan Lamb, and the reason he became part of a media sensation was that he made 72 million dollars in one go. 

Donovan Lamb, aka Mohammed Islam, was interviewed by Vivian Kent, who unearthed the secret of Donovan’s behind earning $72 million from the stock market. 

About Donovan’s early life, he was an elite and blessed child who made it into NYC’s elite school Stuyvesant High School and shared a family with his parents and two sisters. Donovan was born in 1997 and was only 17 when he had an interview with Vivian Kent. 

What Makes Him The Sensation In The Media? 

The fact that a teenager who knows the bare minimum about the stock market accumulated funds worth $72 million stunned everyone. Donovan Lamb was an elite and intellectual kid, but earning this much fortune astonished the investors who had been investing for eons. 

Donovan becomes a media sensation not by himself but by his father in abrupt chats with Jessica Pressler, the journalist for elite members in NYC and Infamous as Vivian Kent in the series. Jessica Pressler, when she came to know about Donovan, became curious about him. 

With the source, Donovan’s father, Jessica Pressler, interviewed Donovan Lamb, but he was very cautious while asserting figures after three to five takes. Donovan disclosed the profit he made in the stock market. 

His intellect and keenness to learn behavior impressed Jessica Pressler. She imprinted an article about Donovan Lamb and made the world familiar with the smartest kid in the town. Do not assume this incident is a climax because that’s where the story starts. 

Donovan Lamb falls into trouble after getting into the eyes of many public people who start to claim false the authenticity of Donovan’s methods and also for the probe to see what strategy he is using to amass funds. 

What Is Donovan Lamb Doing Now? 

Donovan Lamb is a genuine man claimed after scrutiny, even though he may be a con man in real life, but after getting a chit in the NYC courtship, Donovan’s relations with his parents got disturbed.

However, Donovan is still pushing his passionate trading, and after 2017 he never appeared on Television. Only papa, the paparazzi, saw him as a professional trader in the stock chambers of New York. 

How Is Vivian Kent Related To Donovan Lamb? 

Vivian Kent is the journalist and interviewer who publicized the identity of Donovan Lamb after getting challenged for his ways of doing trading; Donovan, aka Islam, proved his tactic only to be found truthful and legtitalemt. 

But this was not the same for Jessica Pressler; in scrutiny, Donovan confessed that Jessica asked her to promote the fake news to get famous in the media, and her report was not genuine. And this was a serious allegation for a reputed reporter. 

Jessica Pressler acclamation cases and lost the trust of every endeavor she undertook. Her organization is hidden after this case, as Jessica was termed an amateur and reckless journalist after this incident.

After settling Donovan’s case for peace, Jessica Pressler wrote Anna Delvey’s fraud case. Inventing Anna was the whole inspirational plot; Jessica Pressler restored her tainted image in front of the media industry. 

Anna Delvey’s case was more of a mission for Jessica Pressler. She avoided the mistakes that occurred in Donovan’s case and scrutinized every single facet of Anna and her belongings thoroughly. 

Why Did Vivian Kent Fired From Bloomberg? 

Vivian Kent is the name of Jessica Oressler in the industry. Still, since we are taking the cinematic terms here to preserve the respect of characters’ identity, Vivian makes more sense. Vivian Kent, inventing Anna, portrays Jessica Pressler. 

For recklessness and irrational behaviors as journalists in Donovan’s incident, Vivian had to lose her offer letter from Bloomberg or, better we say, her dream company. Many people from Bloomberg premises came in Vivian’s (Jessica’s) favor. 

But the line code of conduct was so brutal that no one could pass, and Vivian (Jessica) worked in her previous organization as a news writer, but things are well now for Vivian (Jessica). 

Inventing Anna: Jessica Pressler’s Tale Got Televised

Investing Anna is a Netflix adaptation of Jessica Presslers’ life. She became furious about getting her vibrant reports image back on the shore and made an effort for the same, illustrated in 9 episode long series. 

Inventing Anna’s plot is all about the elite pretender life Anna sustained to be part of the creamy layer. The story revolves around Anna, who entered the heart of NYC’s big shots. 

This story is a cat and rat plot between Jessica and Anna, and how Vivian, as Jessica, captured Anna in her fraud and received the media industry she rightfully deserves. 

Anna, with her pseudo-identity as a German girl, matched the fortunes of multi-millionaires in Manhattan, and she got caught by Vivian Kent in the climax. 


Donovan Lamb was an elite man infamous for two more people with him, Jessica Pressler and Anna. Moreover, Donovan is now sustaining a private life, and no one knows much about him. 

But the “Inventing Anna” series will help you to take a close look at Donovan, Jessica, and Anna’s life more closely. 

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