The iPhone 13 could load another mobile with its new function

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One of the most annoying things is running out of battery in your mobile outside the home. Unless you carry the charger or a portable battery, you will not be able to fill the battery of your terminal, although there are always exceptions. These are those mobiles that share their energy as it could be the iPhone 13 with its new reverse charge.

Reverse-charging iPhone 13 is on the way

If there’s one thing mobile phone manufacturers want to get rid of, it’s cables. It is a fact that these physical links are very helpful to transfer data and energy, but they are also a small problem in case you get hooked and throw something to the ground that is not only the connected mobile in this case. These situations disappear if you have a wireless charging base, something that is already compatible with mostly high-end terminals.

But among all of them we find another additional feature especially in Android and that is that some are capable of becoming a portable battery with their reverse charge. This is not yet available on bitten apple mobiles, but Everything indicates that the iPhone 13 will be the first to have reverse charging. According to what they count on Techradar, the new terminal of the bitten apple will have larger coils than the current device. This allows you to increase the charging power in this type of connection, but also enables the option to power other devices.

Other Android models already have this option

That Apple get ready to include reverse wireless charging in your terminals it’s a great idea for the future. This is an important function that opens the doors for a future in which this function is almost essential in the high-end range. And it is that in the case of the competition we already see devices that have developed this feature. There are many manufacturers such as Samsung Galaxy S10 and versions Note 10 onwards, the Mi 9 series onwards from Xiaomi or the entire P40 family from Huawei.

As you can see, there are many devices that are already on the market with this feature and with which the iPhone 13 could share its battery and vice versa. The question will be whether this feature will be available for the entire range or just a few, something to wait for.


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