The iPhone 13 on the go: Samsung and LG already manufacture their screen

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The iPhone 13 on the go: Samsung and LG already manufacture their screen

In the world of technology, it is common for a company that is supposed to be a rival to others in a certain sector, also collaborates with them in agreements and associations. For several years, Apple has requested the services of its rival month after month in terms of the sale of smartphones, because since the iPhone X Samsung has been manufacturing for Apple the OLED screens that the latest iPhones have assembled.

iPhone 13 on the go

And the Koreans have not been alone, since Apple has also requested the services of other Koreans, LG exactly. The electronics brand, which has officially stopped making its own smartphones, has worked with Apple to provide them with panels. And according to TheElec, the process has started again: Samsung and LG are manufacturing screens for the new Apple mobile model, the iPhone 13.

Apparently, the new Apple mobile has entered production a month faster than the iPhone 12 did last year. Apple launched the iPhone 12 later than usual due to component procurement problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the famous semiconductor crisis that we still live – and that goes a long way and has hit everyone, from mobile phone manufacturers to consoles, washing machines, cars and airplanes.

According to TheElec sources, Samsung Display began production of the OLED panels to be used in the iPhone 13 at “mid this may”, And LG Display started production “Recently”. Both started manufacturing earlier than last year “at Apple’s request“, in order to prevent iPhone 12 lag from repeating

110 million screens

Samsung Display would make 80 million units of OLED panels for the new iPhone. And LG Display would manufacture 30 million units, again dividing the task for the different models that will come out of the iPhone 13. Samsung is the only supplier of OLED panels Low Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide (LTPO) with Thin Film Transistors (TFT), supporting a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Apple plans to use LTOP TFT OLED for the two high-end models. LG Display will supply the panel TFT OLED low temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) for the two lower tier models.

In addition, including the iPhone 12 series and other Apple models, Samsung expects “supply up to 120 to 130 million units of OLED displays to Apple this year “, according to sources. LG calculates a supply of up to 50 million units. Samsung Display manufactures the panels “on the A3 line of its Asan plant “. LG Display does it in line E6 from its Paju plant.


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