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The iPhone 14 could be the first to not have a notch

One of the hallmarks of the iPhone in recent years has been the famous notch. Yes, we are talking about the upper part of the screen of Apple mobiles in which the front sensors and the selfie camera are housed that gives it a different touch from the rest. It was the fury in design that the company brought to the rest that copied it to a greater or lesser extent when the iPhone X came out. But now many already think that the opposite can happen since talks about the arrival of an iPhone 14 without notch.

Yes, there is already talk of the iPhone 14

In this world of mobile phones, many already dream of the next phone that will come out to the one that has not yet arrived. This is the most normal, especially when there are leaks that give data from all those mobiles that are yet to arrive. That, after all, we will know the day of its official presentation. But although we look forward to the arrival of the iPhone 13, there are already those who are talking about how it will be the successor of this.

And it is that less than a week before the presentation of the Keynote of Apple 2021 it is already speaking that the iPhone 14 will not have notch. This would mean losing the hallmark that Apple phones obtained with the arrival of the iPhone X. So what will be in its place? For now, the guys from Front Page Tech say that Apple will bring major changes in the design of the terminal. As far as the front is concerned, the bitten apple intends to put a single front camera housed in a ‘punch’ centered on the top, imitating other rival terminals.

On the other hand, the same leakers bring other interesting news and that is that el iPhone 14 will also bring USB C. This will be an even bigger blow to the Cupertino company, which would bring a terminal with technologies that it has already experienced, such as the USB C connector that already operates in devices such as the iPad Pro.

Other news expected from Apple

More and more data is emerging from the iPhone 14, which still has more than 365 days left to at least present itself in society. But this only increases the desire of the fans to see the plans that Cupertino has in mind. There are those who dream of that folding phone of the bitten apple, although that integration of FaceID and TouchID in the same device may come before.


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