The Israeli prime minister unleashes the controversy by saying that the elderly are in “mortal danger” if they do not get three times vaccinated against covid-19

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El primer ministro israelí desata la polémica al decir que los mayores están en "peligro mortal" si no se vacunan tres veces contra el covid-19

The Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett, sparked a controversy this Sunday on social networks, after warning that even older adults who are fully vaccinated against covid-19 are in “mortal danger” if they do not receive a third dose.

“78 of the 79 Israelis who died last week did not receive the required three doses of the vaccine. In other words, the third dose is not a ‘luxury’, it really saves lives. Non-vaccination for the third time leaves older people in danger of death “, wrote Bennett on his Twitter account.

His message was greeted with outrage on social media, sparking all kinds of critical comments. Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter, drew attention to the fact that Bennett “does not say how many of the 79 who died had received two doses” of the vaccine.

“You may be old enough to remember the times when (receiving two doses) was considered to be fully vaccinated,” Berenson added with a hint of sarcasm.

Other people argued that Bennett is exaggerating the risk. “The danger of death also means a mortality rate of less than 2% if […] you don’t get early treatment, “wrote one user.

For his part, the co-founder of the Council of Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs, Yossi Gestetner, wrote that Bennett’s statement was either “an admission that vaccines” are useless over time, or “a misinformation against both. first doses “.

At the end of July, the Government of Israel decided to start offering third doses to citizens over 60 years of age, despite the fact that the World Health Organization rejects this practice by wealthy nations at a time when many countries in the world they are still waiting for the arrival of the first doses to start inoculating their population.

Since last August 13, residents over 50 years of age, as well as health workers, prisoners and people with depressed immune systems can receive a third dose in Israel.

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