The Italian series David Bowie was a fan of and recommended to Sofia Coppola

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What can we say about David Bowie? She is one of the legends of music who also ventured into the world of production and acting. Deceased six years ago, the White Duke He was an important figure in popular music for almost five decades. Bowie is considered an innovator, particularly for his work from the 1970s and for his unique voice, as well as the intellectual depth of his work.

Many artists recognize the influence of this legend of the Glam Rock who stood out throughout his professional life as someone who broke the mold and crossed barriers on what was accepted as “the right thing”. His sexual ambiguity was a flag for many years, even though he did not want it that way. Boy George, Groove Armada, Lady Gaga, Spacehog Y Stacey Q They are among the artists who absorbed Bowie’s unique style.

David Bowie’s Favorite Series

So it must be a pleasure to be a part of the likes of this eccentric character in the music industry. So can say the protagonists of Gomorrah, the Italian series that turned out to be the favorite show of David Bowie, who even loaned a collection of DVD’s to Sofia Coppola to introduce her to the world of that TV show.

Salvatore espósito, one of the faces of the series, stated: “Sofia Coppola told our producers that she has the Gomorrah DVDs because David Bowie gave them to her. He was a huge fan of the show and told her he had to see it. Some producers spoke to her and she replied, ‘I love the show for this reason.’ “. What pride it must be for this group of actors and producers to be on the radar of these figures.

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Espósito remarked that he was also a follower of the late artist and even mentioned another famous fan of Gomorrah: “I’m a huge Bowie fan, of course. It’s great because Ricky Gervais is a huge fan of the show too. He came on set when we were filming in London.”. What do you think?

What is it about Gomorrah? The series focuses on the rowdy clan of the Savastano. Its leader, Pietro Savastano, is one of the most respected and feared bosses in Secondigliano. Married to Imma Savastano and with a 20-year-old son, Gennaro, who are still too young to succeed his father. The family vies for control of the northern neighborhoods with another gang of criminals: the Salvatore Conte.

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