The James Bond villain who is underrated

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James Bond has a sizable gallery of villains who turned out to be relentless threats throughout its 20-plus years on the big screen. The version of the secret agent played by Daniel Craig faced an organization led by his brother, Spectre, which had countless operatives acting against 007 causing him more than one loss along the way.

The truth is that the villain who finally faced James Bond In his last mission, curiously, he was not part of the criminal organization and even wanted to take revenge on that entity that was responsible for the death of his family and his disfigurement. We are talking about the sinister Lyutsifer safin, masterfully interpreted by Rami Malek.

The underrated villain

The actor came from a successful entry where he played the singer and leader of the rock band Queen, Freddie Mercury. That movie, Bohemian RapsodyIt meant Malek won the Golden Globe and the Oscar for Best Actor. Surely this catapulted him to an unappealable world fame and put him in the sights of the producers of the film of James Bond: No Time to Die.

Safin is a chemist who is in possession of a technologically advanced weapon developed by MI6 that, through nanobots, tries to end collateral damage. Unfortunately, it is now a villain who is in possession of that technology and it will be the work of James Bond prevent me from doing something with this weapon.

This character is anything but a generic sample of Bond’s antagonists. His coldness is framed by an introverted personality, which goes hand in hand with such a strong conviction, that he concretizes his revenge against Spectre at the same time he manages to kidnap James Bond and his daughter to try to complete his terrible plan to spread the Heracles weapon throughout the world.

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Finally, James Bond he will have to make the biggest sacrifice of his professional career to stop Safin. The villain sees himself as “an invisible god”, someone who is inside people’s skin. Malek’s build is spot on and underrated by critics who highlighted No Time to Die like a good 007 entry but with a forgettable antagonist. Nothing further from reality!

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