The ‘king of the cachopo’ is sentenced to 15 years in prison for killing and dismembering his partner

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The Provincial Court of Madrid on Tuesday sentenced César Román, known as the ‘king of the cachopo’, to 15 years in prison for murdering and dismembering his partner, Heidi Paz, 25, in August 2018, after he Last June 1, the popular jury found him guilty of the acts that were charged against him.

You are convicted of homicide with the aggravating factors of gender and kinship, in a case that shook Spanish public opinion for its cruelty. Premeditation has not been proven, which could have increased the sentence of deprivation of liberty by up to 10 years.

After the victim’s disappearance, Román assured that his partner was alive in Honduras, his country of origin, or that he would have died at the hands of an organized criminal gang that was dedicated to drug trafficking. However, a few days later he found Heidi Paz’s torso inside a suitcase in a ship rented by the ‘king of the cachopo’, in which they found remnants of your DNA, as in some cans of caustic soda used to water the corpse.

The sentence considers it proven that the murder was committed on August 5, 2018 after the victim went to Román’s apartment in Vallecas, a neighborhood of Madrid, after having attended a celebration with friends.

Fled from Justice

César Román spent several months in unknown location until he was arrested in November 2018 in Zaragoza. His arrest occurred thanks to the collaboration of the owner of the place where he worked with a false identity, after recognizing his employee in a television news, despite the fact that he had changed his physical appearance by cutting his hair and growing it the beard.

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The main suspect in this crime was always Roman, who disappeared just when Paz’s body was found. Furthermore, the man had criminal record for the crimes of fraud, falsification of documents, injuries and violation of a restraining order. The latter two were committed against his ex-wife and mother of his daughter.

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