The Kingdom will come to Netflix in special hours

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The kingdom is the Argentine series that tells the story of the pastor Emilio Vazquez Pena, who is a candidate for vice president of the Republic. His running mate is assassinated in the closing ceremony of the campaign and the man of faith will have a unique opportunity to transform into President of the Nation, at the same time that he tries to reveal who is behind the crime of the original candidate for that position.

The plot of the series will present different characters that will feed the intrigue behind this fact and, surely, there will be betrayals more surprises, which will catch the audience of a show that promises a lot. Some characters? Pastor Elena is the wife of Emilio who distrusts his hunger for power. The adopted son of the couple is a spiritual young man away from all evil and Julio Clamens is the right hand of the Pastor in his political life.

Special hours for The Kingdom!

The series will feature 8 episodes that will be released August 13 on a very special schedule. As described by its author Claudia Piñeiro: “At twelve, when the carriage turns into a pumpkin”, the series will be available in Netflix. The creative also took the opportunity to wish the audience to enjoy the show as much as they enjoyed doing it.

One more bet of Netflix al Argentine talent that produces a political thriller with alternatives that will amaze the followers of the series. Diego Peretti, the protagonist, is a long-time actor and a figure who leads a luxury cast to bring this show to life that has a highly attractive premise. Let’s enjoy it!

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The kingdom is starring Diego Peretti as Emilio Vázquez Pena, Daniel Kuzniecka as Armando Badajoz, Mercedes Morán as Elena, Pater Lanzani as Tadeo Vázquez, Chino Darín as Julio CLamens, Joaquín Furriel as Ruben Osorio and Nancy Dupláa as Roberta Candia. The direction is in charge of Marcelo Pineyro Y Miguel Kohan.

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