The Kingdom: Will it have a second season on Netflix?

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The kingdom is the last big bet of the streaming service Netflix for a one hundred percent Argentine content and it is already making people talk for its interesting plot. To this day, it remains among the most viewed on the platform in the country and part of the viewers who have already seen its episodes want to know if a second season is being prepared or not. This is what we know!

“The story focuses on the life of Emilio Vázquez Pena, a pastor who is running for the position of vice president in the next elections in Argentina, however, he will have to face the news that his running mate was unexpectedly murdered during the closing ceremony After this fact, Vázquez Pena will take the opportunity to become the next president of the Nation, trying to decipher who the murderer is and what his causes were, while preparing to be the new leader of the country. “, previews the official synopsis of the program.

The first installment officially released on August 13 consists of eight chapters, which were scripted by Marcelo Pineyro Y Claudia Piñeiro. The main cast is made up of Diego Peretti (Emilio Vázquez Pena), Chinese Darin (Julio Clamens), Nancy Dupláa (Roberta Candia), Joaquín Furriel (Rubén Osorio), Peter lanzani (Tadeo Vázquez Pena) and Mercedes moran (Elena Vázquez Pena).

In general criticism from the specialized press has been positive, beyond some opinions crossed between the public. Other Cinemas He said: “The Kingdom manages to trap and, in several places, fascinate”; MicropsiaCine: “Perhaps the most interesting thing it has to offer is not so much in the plot itself but in the way it seems to comment on reality … and not just Argentina”; Y Page 12 described: “The result is a superb and sagacious exercise of genre, with a fascinating technical invoice and production display”.

+ Will there be a second season of El Reino?

As is common, Netflix awaits the hearing results of its first 28 days and takes a final resolution there, so It has not yet been decided that The Kingdom will have a second season. The figures obtained will be important, since streaming has shown that their pulse does not tremble when lowering their thumb to their own content released a short time ago.

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