The Kingdom’s nod to La Casa de Papel

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It is the first Argentine series that took up the recordings in the pandemic and just a few hours ago it premiered on Netflix. The kingdom, an original product of the platform, has already become a rage. With a season of only eight chapters, this strip combines politics, religion, drama and suspense through the thriller.

Created by Marcelo Piñeyro and Claudia Piñeiro, The kingdom uses different spices to cover subjects that, in the plane of Argentine fiction, have been touched in repeated occasions. Starring Diego Peretti, the cast is completed by Mercedes Morán, Vera Spinetta, Nicolás García, Nancy Dupláa, Peter Lanzani and Chino Darín.

And it was precisely Chino Darín who could not forget his girlfriend, Úrsula Corberó, in the recently released episodes. The actors have been together for more than three years and are one of the most beloved couples in the film industry. This is because, according to what they show, their bond transcends not only because of the fun, but because of the affection they have for each other.

Chino Darin in his tribute to Tokyo. Photo: (Netflix)

In fact, this was demonstrated in the fourth chapter of The kingdom when Chino paid tribute to his partner. The actress, during the five seasons of The Money Heist He played a character named Tokyo and, during the episode in which his story is told, his T-shirt had a logo emblazoned with that name.

So much so that fans could not ignore this detail and broke out on Twitter talking about the tenderness it generated. According to what the actor confessed in an interview with the Pronto portal, “It was an idea of ​​Vale, the costume designer“And also detailed that”as it was a flashback, there was something that was not defined stylistically”.

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Even so, during the same report, he confirmed what the fans were wondering: this was coincidence. Although, of course, the tenderness it generated was not overlooked and was an indispensable and comical wink for The Money Heist.

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