The Kissing Booth 3: the love story of Joey King and Jacob Elordi before and after the movie

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This week come back The Kisses Stand, one of the most outstanding sagas of the streaming service Netflix. On Wednesday, August 11, the trilogy of films starring Joey King Y Jacob Elordi, Who they were a couple in real life, being one of the fandom’s favorite courtships. How was your love story? Here we tell you the details!

“In the summer before leaving for college, Elle faces the hardest decision of her life: move to the other side of the country with Noah, her amazing boyfriend, or fulfill her lifelong promise to go to college with Lee, his best friend. Which one of you will break his heart in the last installment of this trilogy? “says the synopsis of the tape. The interpreters of She there Noah They crossed the screen with their romance, but they are no longer together.

The young people met during the filming of the first feature film in 2017 and from the first moment they began to get along, in a friendly way, as stated Joey. He also stated that while he seemed handsome to her, I saw him as a friend and there was no love at first sight. By spending many hours together on set and embodying their characters, they realized they liked each other and took the next step.

In an interview with Bello, King He said: “It’s a very interesting experience meeting your boyfriend on set because you spend a lot of time together and they become very close very quickly. We would spend 17 hours a day together, and we would all go out after work to watch movies and so on. It was great.”. In February 2017 they formalized the couple with a photo published on Instagram.

The followers of both artists celebrated the news and always fondly commented on each image of them on a trip or going out somewhere. It was normal for them to share photos together often because they were dating, but fans began to notice that there were no longer posts and the reason was that they were in a break which led to a separation at the end of 2018.

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So far there is no reason for the end of the couple, but the truth is that once separated they had to work together for the sequel to The Kisses Stand and she even defined it as “a sacrifice”. Time passed and they came together once more for the third movie, although both in different realities: Joey King is in a relationship with Steven Piet and, for his part, Jacob Elordi maintains a courtship with Kaia Gerber.


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