The Largest Pink Diamond in 300 years “Lulo Rose” found

By: Thomas Blade

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The 170-carat Lulo rose has been found in Angola and will be sold through an international tender by Angola’s state diamond trading company, Sodium.

A strange and spectacular pink diamond has been found in Angola, in southern Africa. This has been baptized as ‘Lulo Rose’ (the Rose of Lulo) in relation to the Lulo mine in which it has been found by Lucapa Diamond, Endiama, and Rosas & Petalas, which made up the Lulo Mining Society (SML).

It could be the largest found in the last three centuries, Australian miner Lucapa Diamond Corp has announced. The gemstone has 170 carats and will be sold through an international tender conducted by Angola’s state diamond trading company, Sodium, and will likely reach a ‘dazzling’ price.

The fifth-largest diamond found in the mine

The diamond is type IIa, one of the rarest and purest forms of natural stones so the Government of Angola, which has stakes in the mine, has described its finding as “historic”. “This huge and spectacular pink diamond found in Lulo continues to position Angola as an important player on the world stage,” said Angolan Minister of Mineral Resources Diamantino Azevedo.

In the Lulo mine the two largest diamonds recovered in Angola have been found to date, with the ‘Stone of February 4’ being the first of them with a total of 404 quilares. In this sense, the ‘Lulo Rose’ would be the fifth largest diamond found in the mine and number 27 in the list of stones with more than 100 carats found in the Angolan concession.

Pink diamonds

The most expensive pink diamond sold to date has been the ‘Pink Star’, which at 59.6 carats reached a price of $71.2 million at Hong Kong’s Sotheby’s auction house in 2017.

Pink diamonds are extremely rare, but the same physical attributes that make them scarce also make them very hard and difficult to mold. It is composed entirely of carbon and therefore also belongs to the group of native minerals. It is a very valuable gem because the pink color in diamonds is quite rare.

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